Vascular conditions affect the veins and arteries in your body, which conduct oxygen to every living cell. When there is any form of blockage in veins and arteries, you are in trouble. In most cases, vascular conditions are highly treatable, often without surgery.

It is important to see a vascular surgeon, even when surgery is not needed. Vascular surgeons specialise in treatments of every kind of vascular problem except those of the heart, which is treated by cardiovascular surgeons and the brain, treated by neurosurgeons. A condition frequently diagnosed in patients such as atherosclerosis may show up in the legs, for example, but affects the whole body.

Vascular surgeons will talk to you about how exercise, diet and medication can be the first step in regaining your health. When surgery is needed, vascular surgeons are trained in all types of interventions, not just one or two.

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